Yuturi Biological Reserve, a magical shelter of nature.

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Yuturi -  a magical shelter of nature


.... to the fantastic world at the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Yuturi Biological Reserve, a true paradise locate 180 km east of Coca city, next to the Yasuni National Park, inside the primary Amazon basin.

The adventure begins with a 45' minutes flight from Quito to Coca crossing the majestic Andes, flying over and enjoying the beauty of the Ecuadorian rainforest. Later you will navigate with a motorized canoe along the Napo River – a major tributary of the Amazon River – up to the confluence with the Yuturi River.

The crossing from Coca to the Yuturi Nature Reserve takes round about five hours. In our comfortable and covered motor canoes you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the banks and the houses of the Quechua indigenous people, who still care about their traditions such as the preparation of “chicha” out of Manioc and “vinillo de plátano”.

The lodge complex is surrounded by three lagoons and is situated in the midst of a charming jungle landscape, where the guests are able to enjoy the innumerable sounds of nature as well as the magic, tranquility and silence of the jungle.

In order to preserve the harmony of the surroundings, all huts with private bathrooms were built out of typical materials taken from the nature of that region.

The word “Yuturi” comes from the Quechua language and refers to the Conga- ant, which is abundant in that area.

The personal attention we offer at Yuturi allows us that every guest is able to choose the activities he likes – in accordance with the respective programs.

To the most fascinating adventures we offer at Yuturi rank at any rate the night cruises with a canoe to spot caimans, the piranha- fishing as well as the visit to a monkey island and much more.

“Do not leave Ecuador without having visited Yuturi, a place where the myths, mysteries and attractions of the Amazon basin unite!”

  • Yuturi Biological Reserve, offert also SHAMANIC EXPERIENCE to our passengers.
  • Yuturi Biological Reserve, reserves the right to modify the itineraries due to weather conditions in the best interest of our clients.

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